Asseco Poland celebrates the 15th anniversary of its debut on the WSE

Asseco Poland celebrates the 15th anniversary of its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). In this period, the company significantly increased its shareholder value: the stock exchange capitalization increased 10-fold to the level of over PLN 4 billion. This is the result of a consistently implemented strategy, assuming both organic growth and international expansion. Today, Asseco is a global software producer operating in over 50 countries.

Asseco, then known as Comp Rzeszów, had its Warsaw Stock Exchange debut on September 27, 2004. The market capitalization of the company on the debut day was about PLN 420 million. 15 years since that event passed and the value of Asseco on the stock exchange exceeds PLN 4 billion. During this period Asseco became a truly global software producer. Thanks to the implementation of the international expansion strategy, today the company is present in over 50 countries, and its revenues are over 80 times higher than in 2004 and exceed PLN 9 billion. In 2004 Comp Rzeszów employed 275 people. Currently, more than 25 thousand employees worldwide work for Asseco's results on a daily basis.

The success of Asseco is an example of how a stock exchange can support the implementation of a company's development vision and how to effectively conquer the world with the help of a capital market. Functioning as a public company translates positively not only into the development of a company itself, but also has a positive impact on the standards of its operation. Before Asseco debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2004, we had only been a mid-sized IT company in Poland. Today we are the sixth-largest software producer in Europe, employing over 25 thousand people in more than 50 countries. It has been possible thanks to a good strategy and intensive work of many people, but also thanks to the fact that a businessman like me had the opportunity to raise capital on the basis of the rules that had been in force for many years on our western competitors' markets. If the Polish capital market had not trusted us, Asseco Poland would not have existed. The stock exchange is conducive to visionaries and it is important that other Polish companies have such an opportunity and want to take advantage of it, said Adam Góral, President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.

Over the years, Asseco has developed a strong position on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company is a part of the prestigious WIG30 index, which groups the largest and most liquid companies. Asseco Poland is also the largest company in the WIG-Informatyka sector index. Recently, the company has entered the newly created WIGtech index, which includes companies operating in the area of new technologies. Thanks to the consistent payment of high dividend, the company was qualified to the WIGdiv index. In 2018, Asseco was ranked among 37 Polish companies listed on the developed market indices of the global agency FTSE Russell.

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