Asseco in numbers

In 2023, Asseco generated sales revenues of PLN 16.9 billion, the sales of proprietary products and IT services amounted to PLN 13.2 billion. Consolidated operating profit exceeded PLN 1.6 billion and net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company stood at PLN 483 million.

The Group generated very good results across all of its operating segments. In 2023, foreign markets represented by the Formula Systems and Asseco International segments accounted for 88% of the Group's total revenues. The sales of the Formula Systems segment amounted to PLN 10.9 billion, while operating profit PLN 906 million. The Asseco International segment's sales revenues stood PLN 4.1 billion while its operating profit PLN 456 million. The sales of the Asseco Poland segment reached PLN 2.0 billion, while its operating profit amounted to PLN 264 million.

Asseco's revenues, which were very well diversified by sectors in 2023, were distributed as follows: general business – 40%, finance and banking – 34% and public institutions – 26%.