Asseco in numbers

In 2017, the Asseco Group consistently implemented its foreign investments and exports strategy, which resulted in a record net profit of PLN 467 million (by 55% more than in 2016). The Group generated PLN 7,8 billion in revenues and PLN 585 milion operating profit.

The sale of a chunk of a stake in Formula Systems had a key impact on the Group's results. Consequently, Formula System's results were not consolidated in August and September, and the Group's net profit increased significantly. Last year, the Group expanded its presence intensively in foreign markets, where it generated 80% of its sales and successfully conducted new acquisitions. In 2017, the sales of proprietary software and services, which are very important for Asseco, amounted to PLN 6.2 billion.

Successful implementation of the Asseco Group's strategy, effective diversification among geographies and product lines, resulted in 23.7% CAGR growth over the last eleven years. CAGR growth of the operating profit reached 12.5%. During this time Asseco Group consistently paid dividends, which altogether topped almost PLN 1.7 billion. 

Asseco Group in 2017