Market environment

Development prospects of the global IT market

According to Gartner's estimates, in 2017 the global IT market grew by 3.3%, whereas in 2018 it is expected to grow by 4.5% to USD 3.65 billion. As in previous years, telecommunication services will have the largest market share, and the purchases of software for general business sector and IT services will increase the fastest.

Gartner forecasts that in the EMEA region - Europe, Middle East and Africa - the IT spending in 2018 will increase by 4.9% to USD 1.02 trillion. As in the global perspective, both software and IT services expenditures will grow faster than in other market segments - by 7.6% and 4%, respectively.

According to Gartner's analysts, services and software will remain the driving force of the market next year. This is due to the increasing digitalization of companies' activities, increasing expenditure on automation and optimization of services, as well as on innovation.

Expenditures on cloud services are expected to remain one of the fastest growing market segments. According to Gartner, global spending on these services will increase by 17.5% to USD 305.8 billion in 2018.

IT spending (in billions of USD) 2017 2018
Data center systems 171 173
Software for businesses 351 381
Hardware 654 677
Services 922 966
Telecommunication services 1,378 1,400
Total 3,477 3,598

Source: Gartner (


Key drivers of growth on the IT market

  Banking and finance
  • Increased demand for advanced solutions used in financial services, determined by intense competition,
  • New trends in the area of IT solutions dedicated to financial institutions,
  • Dynamically changing legal environment requiring constant adjustment of IT systems,
  • Increasing importance of cyber security,
  • Development in the field of omnichannel solutions.
  General business
  • Growth of IT needs along with the scale of operations. It drives demand for the ERP solutions,
  • Demand for advanced products with relatively lower costs – cloud and SaaS solutions development,
  • The need to expand data centers,
  • Legal changes requiring the necessity to adapt IT systems.
  Public sector
  • The public administration remains one of the leading recipients of services from the IT industry,
  • Demand for advanced solutions, where very important role play security, reliability of systems and their provider,
  • High demand for IT products in the areas of social insurances, central administration, health care sector and uniform services.

IT market in Poland

According to PMR's report of September 2017, the Polish ICT market is growing at a rate of approximately 4%-5% annually, driven by economic growth, which, according to the European Commission's estimates, accelerated to 4.6% in 2017 and is still faster than in many European countries.

According to PMR, the Polish IT market should have grown by 2.7% in 2017, while in 2018 it should grow to over 6%. Software and IT services will be the engine of the market growth, while the situation will deteriorate in the hardware segment.

 Asseco Group market position

The Asseco Group is the sixth-largest producer of software in Europe (according to the Truffle 100 rank for 2014) and the largest supplier of modern IT solutions in Central Eastern Europe. Thanks to the subsidiaries of Formula Systems Group, Asseco has strong position on the Israeli market and develops its operations in the United States. We are present in such markets as Japan or Vietnam, our solutions are deployed also in African market.

Asseco Poland S.A. is one of the largest IT companies in Poland and the largest company in the country focused on the sales of proprietary software and services.

The leading position of Asseco Poland in the Polish IT market has been proven by the estimates provided in Computerworld TOP200 report. In the latest edition of the contest, Asseco has ranked first in as many as 7 categories. Among others, the company is the leader in the category of custom-made software producers as well as providers of IT solutions and services for the most important sectors of the economy - public administration, health and general business. It is also the largest provider of IT services in the domestic market. Asseco has been consistently investing in R&D and has ranked first in the list of companies operating for responsible development.