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The Asseco Group is present everywhere where technology and business impact everyday life.

We are a federation of companies which operate worldwide. It is led by Asseco Poland, which is one of the first startups established in Poland.

Asseco Poland is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, included in the WIG30 index and is also the largest company in the sector WIG-informatyka index. In addition, Asseco Group companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as on the exchange in Tel Aviv and NASDAQ.

The Asseco Group is the sixth-largest producer of software in Europe and the largest supplier of modern IT solutions in Central Eastern Europe.

The Asseco Group is a combination of a software and service provider. It produces technologically advanced, top quality software which supports key business processes of companies in all key sectors of the economy. Revenues from proprietary software and services represented in 2019 81% of the Group's total sales. At the same time, 89% of the Asseco Group’s sales revenues were generated by its operations in international markets.

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