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New President of the Gdańsk-based OTAGO

Jarosław Jastrzębski has been appointed a new President of the Management Board of ZUI OTAGO Sp. z o.o. , a subsidiary of the Asseco Group. At this position he replaced Jerzy Filończuk, who shall serve as Chairman of the Supervisory Board from now on. The former President's resignation as well as appointment of the new one were both entered in the National Court Register on 11 February 2010.

Jarosław Jastrzębski, aged 40, graduated from the Warsaw University, Faculty of Geology. He started his professional career by running a single-man firm which implemented information systems. Afterwards, from 1996 till 2008 he worked for Kom-Pakt company, successively at the positions of Implementation Engineer, ERP Product Manager, Commercial Director and finally Vice President. Following the incorporation of Kom-Pakt into ABG in 2008, Mr. Jastrzębski managed the Division of Solutions for Municipal Enterprises and Local Administration, as well as the Microsoft Business Products Competence Centre within the Asseco Group. After the merger of ABG and Asseco Poland, in January 2010, he was named as Director of the Municipal Enterprises Division and afterwards, in February 2010, he took the position of President of the subsidiary ZUI Otago Sp. z o.o.  

The Gdańsk-based OTAGO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asseco Poland. The firm is engaged in development and implementation of software to support operations of the local government bodies. OTAGO is the author and the owner of the OTAGO Integrated Municipal Management System. The company's methodology of production, implementation and maintenance of information systems has been well tried in practice and it satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, as confirmed by the ISO certificate obtained in 2003.