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New milestone achieved on cybersecurity partnership between Togo and Asseco

As part of the cooperation between Asseco and the Togolese Republic, the joint-venture company Cyber Defense Africa (CDA) is fully operational and has launched its CERT.tg (Computer Emergency Response Team) services. CERT.tg main mission is to protect Togolese critical infrastructure, companies, administrations and citizens against cyber threats. Through the CERT.tg website, businesses, individuals and any stakeholders can directly report cyber security incidents, communicate with the CERT and have access to a wide range of advisories and resources.

Togo CERT is a first organization in Africa combining functions of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). The unit is responsible for the security of the country's critical infrastructure, as well as 24/7 monitoring of cyber crime threats. CERT.tg also offers a range of services to businesses, organizations and individuals in the area related to information security, such as cyber crime prevention, security audits, forensic analysis and many more.

"CERT.tg complements the existing Security Operations Center (SOC) and aims to build Togolese knowledge and resilience to cyber crime by raising citizen awareness of the threats. The center also coordinates the cooperation with government agencies and businesses to secure their operations. CERT brings Togo into the community of global cyber security partners to effectively identify and proactively respond to emerging threats,” said Cina Lawson, Togo's Minister of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation.

"The cooperation with the Togolese Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation is an honor and a sign of trust for us. We are pleased that despite the obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to launch CERT.tg according to our planned schedule. The world-class tools that we have provided to our partner will enable it to provide cyber security services according to the best international standards. However, this is just the beginning of our cooperation, the main goal is to ensure the cyber security of Togo and support the offering of these services in West Africa," added Paweł Hansdorfer, Senior Director, Asseco Data Systems.

Owing to the strategic partnership between Togo's Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation and Asseco Data Systems, CERT.tg will also offer world-class cyber security training sessions on forensics and operational security, among others. These sessions will be aimed at IT professionals and enterprise information systems managers. CERT.tg also offers courses and training for government officials and individuals.

CERT.tg is open to the public. Via the website users can report cyber security incidents for quick assistance. Through the platform, CERT.tg will also publish current information on cyber defense trends, specific cyber threat recommendations, and educational materials and news.