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New interface with the Bloomberg FXGO platform

Asseco PST is developing a communication interface between Financa and Banka 3G applications with the Bloomberg FXGO trading platform. This development is in line with the decision of the Angolan regulator to also adopt that platform to make its foreign exchange market more efficient.

With this new solution, Asseco PST customers will guarantee an efficiency gain in the registration of transactions traded on the Bloomberg FXGO platform, as these transactions are automatically created, thus avoiding the double entry of business characteristics. The goal will be to reduce this effort and the associated operational risk.

Among the features of the new Asseco PST solution, we highlight the automatic creation of operations from messages received on the Bloomberg FXGO interface and the consultation of received messages.

We should note that, in June, the National Bank of Angola adopted Bloomberg's electronic exchange platform, known as FXGO, as well as its electronic auction system, with the aim of bringing more transparency and efficiency to the foreign exchange market. The implementation of this new technology, which is part of a series of strategic actions adopted with the support of the IMF, is focused on bringing the operations of the Angolan market closer to other reference markets, being an important milestone in the development of its foreign exchange market.

Both FXGO and Bloomberg's electronic auction system are fully integrated with the data, news, analysis and communication tools available on the Bloomberg Terminal, managed by the world leader in financial information, recognised for its business solutions based on innovative technology.

Asseco PST will gradually deliver the features of its future module, in order to provide its customers with the components regarded as more urgent within the context of the market, as is the case of spot foreign exchange operations.