Implementation of PROMAK TS on the WSE with the "Project of 2017" title

The implementation of PROMAK TS on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) received a distinction in the 13th Electronic Economy Congress Competition in the category of the "Project of the Year 2017". The award was received by Artur Trunowicz, Director of the Capital Market Division of Asseco Poland.

The jury of the competition appreciated PROMAK TS - an innovative system for trading in financial instruments, which was implemented and launched on the WSE for the first time. It is available to brokers operating on the WSE since January 2 2018 both in the form of a dedicated application as well as a web version. The project was carried out in a record time (5 months from the signing of the agreement). The new solution provides traders from Poland and the European Union with direct access to trading on all WSE's markets without any geographical restrictions. It also enables secure access to current market information, effective order management and fast and efficient communication.

In product development, we focus not only on technological requirements, but above all on expectations of the business side. Our goal in this project was to modernize the solutions offered by the exchange and to simplify their administration. The best tool to achieve this was the implementation of the PROMAK TS system. It was Asseco Poland's first project carried out jointly with the WSE and we hope that in the future we will have an opportunity to expand our cooperation. It is also an important reference for us thanks to which we can try to implement our products on foreign stock exchanges, said Artur Trunowicz.

PROMAK TS provided the WSE with the freedom to choose the way of the access to the UTP trading system, thanks to which traders can receive information on the current state of the market or the quotations of instruments through two independent solutions. Thanks to the implementation, the WSE has become one of the most modern trading floors in the world. Solutions of this class in Europe are used only by the London Stock of Exchange.

The Congress of Electronic Economy is an event bringing together key representatives of public and local government administration, financial and scientific circles, whose activities contribute to the development of modern electronic economy in Poland. This year's Congress was organized by the Polish Bank Association and the Banking Technology Forum.

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