Asseco to Develop E-Services for GUGiK

The Central Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) has chosen Asseco Poland's offer in the tender for the development of e-services for the Center for Spatial Analysis of Public Administration (CAPAP), the Integrated Real Estate Information System (ZSIN Phase II) and the National Database of Geodetic Records of Utilities Network (K-GESUT). The Company will also conduct training and provide warranty services for the new and modified systems. The value of the contract amounts to PLN 34.9 million.

The goal of the cooperation between GUGiK and Asseco is to develop a central access point to spatial data of the State Geodetic and Cartographic Resources (PZGiK) and other units of the state administration. GUGiK is also willing to implement intuitive solutions facilitating the analysis based on 3D data and increasing the scope of their use, among others.


Under the agreement, Asseco will develop the Center for Spatial Analysis of Public Administration (CAPAP), which will create a common competence and analytical environment that will provide citizens, businesses, and public administration units with advanced services based on spatial information, derived from georeferential registers. These services are crucial for conducting business, sustainable development, environmental protection and management, among others.


In addition, within the framework of the ZSIN - Phase II project, the company will develop an integrated real estate information system. This will improve record-keeping and increase the level of service for citizens and businesses in the field of capturing information. The project will streamline many processes implemented by both the public administration and selected entities which use such data.


Asseco will also develop the K-GESUT project in order to increase the potential of the use of utilities network data by the public administration, businesses and citizens. The system will be also connected with the CAPAP system in order to improve investment planning.


Asseco has been supporting the development of e-services by the Polish administration for years. Our IT solutions will significantly improve GUGiK's operations. It is worth adding that this is another project implemented by Asseco for the Office. We have already developed a national database of geodetic records of utilities network, and implemented, in cooperation with Esri Polska, the INSPIRE services, said Przemysław Borzestowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.


Under the agreement, the company will also modify the tools within the Geoportal systems, the National Topographical Database Management System (KSZBDOT) and the Numerical Terrain Model Management System (SZNMT). The contract is to be implemented by the end of August 2018.