Asseco the Technology Leader according to "Gazeta Finansowa"

The biometric signature, which Asseco developed in cooperation with Xtension and Samsung, has been recognized in the "Technology Leaders" ranking prepared by the editors of "Gazeta Finansowa".  The purpose of the list is to showcase companies that, among other things, provide solutions that enable other organizations to be innovative.

The biometric signature is an electronically fixed handwritten graphic mark made with a stylus on a tablet screen. When it is applied, biometric characteristics - such as pressure and speed - are recorded. To secure the authenticity of the signature's origin and integrity, as well as its timing, it has been integrated with Asseco's qualified trust services compliant with the eIDAS Regulation (qualified seal and qualified electronic time stamp). Together with SignaturiX and mobile devices, they guarantee the security of signature submission and reliability.

A unique feature of the solution is its integration with the Trusted Third Party service, which manages the key that decrypts the biometrics collected during the signing process. The encrypted data is stored in the signed document, and the necessary key to decrypt it is held by Asseco - so the company acts as a Trusted Third Party.