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Asseco South Eastern Europe SA makes its debut on the WSE

On 28 October 2009 shares of Asseco South Eastern Europe (Asseco SEE) have been for the first time quoted on the stock exchange. The Company\'s shares are listed under the name of ASSECOSEE and their ticker is ASE.

Through a public offering dedicated to qualified investors, the Company raised almost PLN 30 million, selling 2.1 million shares of series L at the issue price of PLN 14 each. Furthermore, the Company received an investment of EUR 15 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) which acquired 4,810,880 shares of series M. EBRD also made a commitment to provide additional EUR 7 million to the Company in the form of a credit facility. In aggregate, Asseco SEE raised funds in the amount of 28 mln EUR that will be used entirely to finance further acquisitions. The successive company take-overs are planned to be finalized still this year. In the nearest future Asseco SEE intends to acquire four companies, complementary in terms of their products and geographical coverage, which operate in the markets of Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and Turkey.

"The present market situation makes the companies even more interested in our cooperation as well as in disposal of their controlling interests”, says Piotr Jeleński, President of Asseco SEE.

Asseco South Eastern Europe is the next publically listed company of the Asseco Group. Apart from the Group\'s Balkan pillar, on the Warsaw Stock Exchange are quoted Asseco Poland (ACP), Asseco Slovakia (ACS), and Asseco Business Solutions (ABS). 

About Asseco South Eastern Europe
Establishment of International Asseco SEE Group created one of the strongest software houses and system integrator in the SEE region with close to 900 employees. This confirms Asseco’s strategy for the strong growth on very perspective and emerging SEE region where size and global presence are essential in consolidation of ICT market. Asseco SEE is a group of leading IT providers such as:
Arbor, Antegra, Cardinfo, FIBA Software, NET Consulting, Logos, and Pexim. Each member of the Group is predominantly a software house or system integrator with core competences including IT solutions for banking, telecoms, public sector, insurance, manufacturing and health.