Asseco Poland's actions in relation to threat posed by coronavirus

Dear All,

With the safety of our employees, customers and all stakeholders in mind, we have reviewed our business continuity and crisis management plan to adapt procedures to the current situation caused by coronavirus and its subsequent consequences. We have taken into account possible governmental orders such as restrictions on movement and assemblies or the need for quarantine, which would involve the unavailability of offices or mass absences of employees.

We would like to emphasize that at present we do not see any real threat to the continuity of the Company's operations. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure safe working conditions for our employees and full readiness to serve our clients and meet their obligations.

As part of our preventive measures, we have taken the following steps, among others:

•    All events organized by Asseco (conferences, presentations, company meetings, etc.) have been moved to another date.

•    We have introduced a ban on our employees from participating in mass events or trainings organized by other companies.

•    We have limited the number of business trips with the use of public transport to the necessary minimum. At the same time, we recommend that as many meetings as possible be held in the form of tele- or videoconferences.

•    We have introduced a ban on business trips to the countries or regions listed on the GIS website, as well as on receiving delegations from these places. The list is monitored on an ongoing basis.

•    We discourage employees from making private journeys to countries or regions at risk (listed on the GIS website). In the event that an employee returns from one of these places, he/she is required to undergo quarantine for 14 days and will work from home if possible.

•    If an employee comes into contact with an infected or quarantined person, he/she is obliged to undergo quarantine for 14 days and will work from home if possible.

With best regards,

Management Board of Asseco Poland