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Asseco Poland makes a joint investment with Venture Incubator in a new company called Time Solutions

As part of its "Invest with Asseco" program, Asseco Poland SA spent PLN 300 thousand to acquire a 30 percent stake in the newly founded company Time Solutions. The remaining shareholders are Venture Incubator and Mr. Kamil Rudnicki, President of Time Solutions.

Time Solutions will focus on the development and distribution of software to help organize the time of work with a computer. The raised funds will be used primarily to establish a sales force as well as a team of software developers.

"We have established our Private Equity/Venture Capital fund in order to invest in small and medium-sized firms at early stage of their development. Time Solutions is an interesting and innovative undertaking with a large potential for growth. I am convinced that our engagement combined with the experience of Venture Incubator will enable dynamic development of this project” – said Paweł Ciesielski, President of Asseco Investment Funds.

At present Time Solutions develops two applications, namely Time Camp and Visikid. Time Camp is dedicated both to individual and corporate clients. This solution will help optimize the utilization of human resources potential and manage work time more efficiently. The system enables identification of the main 'time thieves' and their effective elimination, which shall contribute considerably to the improvement of employees' productivity. Whereas, the Visikid system is intended to facilitate the parental protection of children and teenagers against undesirable Internet content.

Additional information on the Time Camp product is available from the website www.timecamp.pl, and on the "Invest with Asseco" program at the address inwestuj.asseco.pl.