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Asseco Poland – the largest Polish software producer in the annual Book of Lists 2010

On 25 February 2010 the Warsaw Business Journal published the 15th jubilee issue of the Book of Lists 2010. Asseco Poland ranked first among the Polish producers of software.

The ranking was based on the criterion of revenues generated from sales of proprietary solutions in 2008. Asseco Poland ranked first with the revenue of PLN 521.9 million. The second company on the podium was Oracle Poland followed by the Cracow based ComArch whose sales of self-developed software amounted to PLN 352 million and PLN 213.5 million, respectively.

The Book of Lists is the largest Polish and English business publication that has been continued for the longest time in the Polish publishing market. It contains approximately 70 rankings presenting over 2.5 thousand companies that are most successful within particular business sectors in Poland. The Book of Lists is a guide to Polish business and economy and it is willingly used by the local and international business community.