Asseco one of CIT leaders according to Polityka Insight

Asseco Poland ranked 2nd in the list of CIT payers in the eastern macro-region, according to the report "CIT Leaders - How Polish Companies Pay Taxes" prepared by Polityka Insight. It is the highest ranked IT company included in the report.

Asseco Poland is the second largest CIT payer in the eastern macro-region, i.e. the Podlaskie, Lubelskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships. Scale and consistency in paying taxes is part of the strategy of Poland's largest software developer.

Our strategy is defined by our motto: We think globally, we act locally, said Adam Góral, CEO of Asseco Poland.  We take a responsible approach to business and are guided by local patriotism, which is why Asseco companies pay taxes in the places where they generate revenues and support local communities. This is because such a business model allows for long-term, stable development in the modern world, he added.

The purpose of the report "CIT Leaders - How Polish Companies Pay Taxes" is, among other things, to facilitate the interpretation of data on CIT taxpayers and to distinguish those businesses that reliably pay taxes. The report compares CIT taxpayers within the same industry, compiles all available data on CIT paid in 2012-2020, and simultaneously analyzes four indicators: CIT in absolute terms, in relation to revenues and in relation to value added, as well as the growth rate of payments.