Asseco launches the #BusinessWithoutPaper initiative and joins the Clean Poland Program

Asseco Poland and Asseco Data Systems have launched the #BusinessWithoutPaper initiative to support the digitization of business and the world around us. Thus, Asseco has joined the activities of the national association Clean Poland Program, implemented in cooperation with the Polsat Group. As Poland's largest IT company, Asseco wants to be a leader in the digital transformation that has a growing impact on the world around us and environmental protection.

The Asseco's initiative will consist in conducting activities aimed at reducing paper consumption and promoting and supporting digital services development. The company will help clients design and implement solutions that enable conversion of traditional processes to digital where possible.

Additionally, the company has declared that its employees will try to act according to the following principle: "If you can, do it digitally". Asseco is planning to move from printing presentations, leaflets, documents to digital versions, which will reduce paper consumption. The initiative is an extension of the "Be Green with Asseco" initiative already implemented by Asseco employees.

For many years we have been providing IT solutions that not only make life easier for customers or citizens using digital services, but also make the digital world more efficient and secure - says Artur Wiza, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland. The awareness of pro-environmental activities is growing and many companies and individuals are involved in such initiatives. We want to support them in a natural way for us - through digitization. We are aware that the digital transformation requires bold decisions and many changes, including changes in strategy, processes and selection of appropriate tools. This is a big challenge for us and our clients, but we are ready to take it up and be a role model for others. Conducting pro-environmental activities together with the Polsat Group and including our initiative in the Clean Poland Program will allow us to increase the scale of the undertaking and reach more people with educational activities, he adds.

The Clean Poland Program, implemented by the Polsat Group, is an initiative which aims to educate the society and show the benefits of an ecological lifestyle. Not everyone is aware of how much human activities and the way we function every day affect the environment, and consequently people's health and life. The authors of the initiative emphasize that pro-ecological attitudes should not remain only in the sphere of declarations, especially since in many cases they are very simple to implement and at the same time definitely cheaper than traditional solutions.

The Asseco #BusinessWithoutPaper initiative has already started. Since March, the company has increased the share of electronic invoices in settlements with contractors to over 90 percent and reduced paper consumption in printers by almost 60 percent.

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