Asseco is the “Energy World Leader 2024”

Asseco has won in the "Supplier of Solutions for the Energy Sector" category of the "Energy World Leaders" competition. The award was presented at a gala held after the EuroPOWER & RES POWER Energy Conference. In addition, the winner in the "Energy Innovation of the Year" category was the Data Migration Tool for the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE), which Asseco prepared and launched for Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE).

Asseco is the leader of digitization in Poland* and one of the leading producers of IT solutions for the domestic energy sector. The company's flagship solution is Asseco Utility Management Solutions (AUMS), a set of integrated products providing comprehensive support for the energy sector's business areas from transmission and distribution to product and service sales.

More than 60% of electricity consumers in Poland are served by AUMS systems. In 2023, in cooperation with PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, we completed one of the largest implementations of a billing system for the energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe. In turn, at the Tauron Group, we performed the largest single data migration in the Polish energy sector," said Tomasz Bendlewski, Director of the Energy and Gas Division, Asseco Poland. Asseco is also part of an unprecedented project underway in the Polish energy sector. Using cloud solutions, we have prepared and launched the Data Migration Tool for CSIRE, which supports Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) in its statutory obligation to prepare and structure data to feed this system, he added.

The construction of the CSIRE system requires the migration of data from about 300 energy market participants – the migration participants. The challenge is both the amount of data transferred to the system and the need to standardize the way it is collected and processed by the many entities operating in the Polish market. Asseco has developed specialized software using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Technologies were implemented that ensure very high processing efficiency (which is crucial for such a large project), as well as the scalability and flexibility of the solution - efficiently handling large amounts of data and saving resources at times when business needs are minimal. The migration participants can provide data online, 24 hours a day, via a web application. They are then processed in an established batch mode and transferred to CSIRE. The solution enables PSE to carry out preparatory and testing activities and will allow it to feed CSIRE with data before its launch. The migration participants can import data on their consumption points, check the results of quality control of this data, verify statistics and report service issues. For this solution, prepared and implemented by Asseco's Electricity and Gas Division, PSE S.A. received the "Innovation of the Year in Energy" award.

The “Energy World Leaders” competition is an event that aims to reward and promote individuals who are making exceptional contributions to transforming the energy landscape. It honors individuals and organizations that are pioneers in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, digitization and technological innovation in the energy sector.


*According to Computerworld TOP200 for 2022.