Asseco introduces AUMS Market Connector for energy market players

The energy industry faces many challenges, affected by the ever-increasing need to digitize the sector. A number of legal changes related to the establishment of the Central System for Information of the Energy Market (CSIRE) means that customer service and metering data management systems will face a dynamic and complex development. AUMS Market Connector is the answer to the changing market needs.

AUMS Market Connector (AUMS MC) is a solution that enables integration of the energy market players' domain systems with CSIRE in order to automate their business processes. The Asseco's solution will ensure bi-directional communication with CSIRE, which is being implemented by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE).

As a long-time partner of the energy sector, we are aware of the challenges it faces with the launch of CSIRE. The enormous scope of data exchange and a relatively short period which the legislator has provided for adjusting the systems made us decide to build a solution which will ensure the security of business continuity for our customers. The new product, AUMS Market Connector, will serve as the central point of data exchange with CSIRE, while ensuring high standards of security and reliability as well as full control and monitoring of the processes performed, emphasizes Mariusz Zieliński, Project Area Manager at Asseco Poland.

The Asseco's solution is designed taking into account the needs of the energy market players that will be obliged to communicate with CSIRE, i.e. sellers, entities responsible for balancing and energy distribution companies. Additionally, in order to meet the needs of utilities trading companies, it will ensure the automation of data exchange with a natural gas distribution operator in compliance with the EDIFACT standard.

AUMS MC provides a window to the world for energy trading and distribution companies. The system will provide a single point of secure communication with the market, significantly reducing the resources needed to support massive data exchange processes. Thanks to its open API, the system will enable our clients to incorporate new solutions from various vendors into these processes while maintaining full control over their execution from a single administrator's desktop, adds Mariusz Zieliński.

The system is available in 2 basic variants, both on premise and SaaS models:

  • AUMS Market Connector Seller
  • AUMS Market Connector Distributor

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