Asseco implements e-Signature at KRUK Group

KRUK Group is the leader in the debt management sector in Central Europe and the pioneer of pro-settlement strategy. In its processes, the company uses innovative tools which, especially during the pandemic, can facilitate contact with customers. Therefore, KRUK has implemented Asseco's solution based on the award winning biometric electronic signature. It enables concluding agreements with the client without the need to sign documents in paper form.

Asseco's system enabling the client to place the biometric signature on documents has been implemented at KRUK on field advisors’ tablets. Owing to this, when signing the agreement, there is no need to spend time printing two copies of the agreement and sending signed documents by mail or courier to the company. Currently, the electronically signed document is available immediately after the client has signed it in KRUK's electronic systems. In turn, the client can receive their copy of the agreement by e-mail during the visit or in paper form. What is important, then one copy of the document is printed for the client. The biometric signature offers many security options, which makes it much more secure than a handwritten one. A handwriting forensic expert is able to evaluate more personal and behavioral characteristics of the person submitting the biometric signature and indicate its ownership.

Digitization is the future of our sector and we are open to innovative solutions. By using biometrics and mobile devices, our field advisors will be able to serve our customers fully electronically. This is especially important at this time. The implementation of the biometric signature will certainly make the work of our training advisors easier - not only will it optimize the time of customer service, but it will also be secure for the customer. Another advantage of the solution is the care for the environment, because thanks to digitization we can reduce paper consumption - said Tomasz Ignaczak, General Director at KRUK S.A.

One of the key stages of the debt service process is signing the agreement between the parties. In the implemented solution, the handwritten signature on the paper agreement has been replaced with a handwritten signature recorded electronically (biometric) by the Signatus software, the application by the Slovak company Anasoft – Asseco’s partner. The biometric signature data is additionally secured by Asseco with the qualified electronic seal and the qualified electronic time stamp.

This is another digitization project we have been carrying out for KRUK S.A. over the last several months. We are very pleased with it and it shows that the process of shifting away from paper documents is an important transformational element of many organizations. However, it is worth noting that while introducing digital processes, we can also take care of our common security, especially in times of the pandemic, using selected mobile devices with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 scribers, which can be safely disinfected - said Artur Miękina, Project Sales Director at Asseco Data Systems.

The implemented solution is an answer to the growing need to streamline and shorten the time of servicing processes related to debt service.