Asseco has implemented a modern access system to the UTP trading platform on the WSE

On the first trading day of 2018, Asseco Poland implemented the PROMAK TS system on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). WSE presented to its customers the innovative solution available in the form of a dedicated application called TradeApp and in the Internet version as WebTradeApp. The new system is one of the most modern solutions for handling financial instruments trading, which meets the requirements of the current EU MIFID II directive. It gives investors access to the WSE's markets as well as full control over transactions.

The TradeApp system allows brokerage houses to quickly access current market information and order management. This results in efficient and fast communication with the market and smooth execution of transactions. The new solution, thanks to the exchange participants' ability to choose a way of accessing the UTP trading system through a dedicated application or a global web network, enables the use of all functionalities at any time.


Asseco has been developing software for capital market participants for years, but this is the first cooperation with the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is a great distinction for us, but also a valuable experience. The exchange is an institution which has its own specificity, which should be taken into account when implementing the project - first of all, there are extremely high requirements in the field of IT security of applied solutions. In addition, we have had to face time pressure related to the entry into force of the MIFID II directive. The successful implementation of the project proves that even during the period of significant regulatory changes, we are able to successfully implement modern IT solutions and build added value for the market participants, said Artur Trunowicz, Director of the Capital Market Division of Asseco Poland.

We consider the new system to be modern and efficient - it meets the requirements of the applicable EU directive MIFID II and equals the offer made available to customers by modern global stock exchanges, such as the London Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of 2018, the WSE customers have gained access to current market information as well as the management of orders and brokerage house risk level. The TradeApp system proves that the Warsaw Stock Exchange - the leader in the region of Central and Eastern Europe - strives for technological excellence, said Dariusz Kułakowski, Member of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


The system was launched on the first trading day of 2018. For the next 3 years Asseco Poland will be also responsible for the system's maintenance.



Asseco Poland is a provider of the PROMAK family of solutions dedicated to the financial sector, which effectively support the work of brokerage houses, banks, depositaries and investors, both individual and institutional ones. Asseco Poland is also the largest Polish IT company listed on the WSE and the 6th largest European software producer. It leads international Asseco Group, which operates in 54 countries and employs over 20,000 people.

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