Asseco has created the first Polish cloud platform for financial institutions

Customer expectations are changing dynamically in the market uncertainty environment. Financial organizations such as banks, insurance companies and capital market players need to identify those expectations and respond quickly. Asseco BooX (Bank out of the Box) is Poland's first universal process and technology platform for selling and handling financial products. The platform can be used as a foundation for building a new bank, as well as for the reconstruction or modernization of an existing financial institution.

The Polish financial and retail consumer market has long been characterized by a high level of competition. Clients increasingly more often benefit from immediate and dynamic choice of product offer available in digital channels. Each of the products offered there must meet the current needs of consumers, but is not always correctly recognized by suppliers. The time from the purchase order to the product receipt is shortened. A consumer will choose the offer that best satisfies their needs with the lowest purchase cost and the safest form of delivery, which is particularly important during the pandemic. Therefore, it is not only the manufacturer but also the distributor of the product that matters. Today, as never before, it is important to match the original purchase need and the financial needs of a consumer. For banks and other financial institutions it means the necessity to constantly increase the advantage over the competition, which does not only include banks but also entities operating on e-commerce platforms. They must develop their technological background and implement innovations and optimization processes. Therefore, they face the challenge of choosing the right direction of their activities and the right solutions.

The construction or expansion of platforms offering financial products requires putting forward a thesis on the validity of the business model assumptions and its testing. Asseco BooX is the first operational technology platform containing a defined set of processes intended for handling financial products, which can be adapted to operate in virtually any market. As a cloud-based subscription platform, BooX is ideal for testing business hypotheses and proving the validity of new models of banks and e-commerce platforms. It is a perfect solution for neobanks, banks under consolidation, test and regulatory sandboxes and marketplace solutions (in e-commerce). Already at the early stage of obtaining a banking license, it enables new initiatives to prove high operational readiness to the national regulator. Entities already present on the market can use its features (subscription, working in a technology sandbox) in the process of testing and launching new services. The transformation or consolidation of banks is a natural application of the BooX platform. The innovation necessary for the development of financial institutions will be ensured by using solutions developed within the Asseco Innovation Hub, e.g. voicebots, built into the platform. Additionally, an organization can take advantage of the services of Asseco Business Consulting, which support business transformation.

The uniqueness of Asseco BooX lies in the fact that it is the first such comprehensive solution developed in Poland. It is a fully mature tool ready to launch and handle banking processes. It is important to remember that in the near future financial services will be increasingly more strongly connected with the natural needs of a client - said Tomasz Blicharz, Asseco BooX Marketer, Asseco Poland.

Asseco BooX is available in a subscription model, but it can also operate traditionally - based on a license purchase. Operationally, it works in the following models: stationary, cloud or hybrid. Both the availability of particular functionalities and the cost incurred by institutions depend on the actual level of their use.

The platform, operating on the basis of this solution, was made available this year in the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów.


The development of software for banks is one of the key areas of Asseco's business. The company offers, among others, central banking systems and omni-channel and mobile solutions, responding to the latest trends in global banking. Thanks to its experience and competence, Asseco has implemented its solutions (core banking engine) in over 800 banks. The company is a leading provider of IT solutions for the banking sector in Poland and operates in many European countries, as well as on African and Israeli markets.

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