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Asseco gives a hand to farmers

Asseco has completed the implementation of e-Application for the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture. e-Application is a comprehensive online service for handling of farmers applications for area payments. It is one of the largest solutions in the Polish market that utilize spatial data. The application will be eventually used by nearly 1.5 million farmers. The solution has been developed on the basis of Asseco’s standard software called LIDS.

Farmers are now able to submit e-Applications thanks to the new online service provided by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA). Not only does this solution allow for filling in an application, but it ensures initial control of the document with regard to being complete. Applications can be submitted by users themselves or with the help of consultants, who can access the e Application service as well. The whole solution has been developed and successfully implemented by Asseco.

“We find the project implemented for ARMA to be very important for two reasons. First of all, it is one of the biggest GIS-based solutions in Poland,” ¬said Witold Malina, Director of the Agriculture Division at Asseco Poland. “Moreover, in the development of this application, we used LIDS software, a standard product offered by Asseco Group. This allowed for a significant reduction of the total project cost, and once again proved that we are able to combine IT solutions of individual companies of our Group in order to obtain additional value for the client,” he added.

e-Application has been designed in the JSF PrimeFaces technology, enabling the creation of function-oriented and visually appealing user interfaces. An important feature of this application is the support for graphical data enclosures with the help of LIDS software, which provides the option of reviewing and editing of spatial data. e Application is the first large-scale implementation of LIDS in the Polish market. The project – from the analytical description of the application, through its design, implementation and proper documentation, to the launching of the entire solution – was executed by Asseco in just five months. Thanks to that, in a very short time, the Agency gained an innovative and user-friendly solution that is expected to encourage farmers to submit their applications via the Internet. Furthermore, any documents filed with the e-Application service are automatically imported into other IT systems used by ARMA. Hence, the Agency’s operators no longer need to enter such applications manually, which reduces their handling expenses.

ARMA is the largest paying agency in the European Union. It serves the largest number of beneficiaries, many of whom run small-sized farms. The Agency’s electronic database includes records of more than 33 million plots of land. For the majority of them, area payments need to be calculated and paid out on an annual basis.