Asseco establishes a new company called Asseco Enterprise Solutions in order to integrate its ERP sector competence

Asseco Group has established a new company called Asseco Enterprise Solutions a.s. that will operate as the Group’s competence center for proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The establishing of AES is intended to develop and reinforce the Group’s international position in this segment. It is a consecutive step in pursuing the strategy of building strong sector competences of Asseco Group.

Asseco Enterprise Solutions (AES), registered in Slovakia, will ultimately integrate Asseco Group’s resources specialized in the development of proprietary ERP software. The project implementation will be supervised by Jozef Klein, a vastly experienced leader and President of the Management Board of Asseco Central Europe, our Slovak subsidiary. The initiation of AES in Slovakia is also aimed to continue our strategy of building sector and product competences in the regions where Asseco Group operates. AES is going to focus on developing and strengthening the Group’s international position in the segment of ERP solutions.

“As forecasted by Gartner research firm , the global ERP software market is expected to grow by over 7% on an annual basis to reach the worth of USD 41.7 billion by 2020. Given the potential of our Group as well as a very favourable outlook for this sector, we decided to establish Asseco Enterprise Solutions,” said Marek Panek, Vice President of Asseco Poland, who is responsible for the international growth of Asseco Group.

The newly founded Asseco Enterprise Solutions (AES) holds 46% of shares in Asseco Business Solutions (ABS), a Polish subsidiary of Asseco Poland. In exchange for the contribution of these shares, Asseco Poland acquired 100% of shares in Asseco Enterprise Solutions with a total par value of EUR 6.8 million.

“Asseco Enterprise Solutions will be our competence center for ERP solutions. Its first and fundamental pillar has been formed by Asseco Business Solutions, our company that has a successful track record in this business. In the future, we are going to expand Asseco Enterprise Solutions by adding other resources already held by the Group, and we will also look for new companies operating in this sector in various countries. From the perspective of operations conducted by Asseco Business Solutions, there will be no change except for the fact that the new shareholder will focus on the market of ERP solutions, and will try to make better use of synergies occurring within the Group in this sector of the IT market,” Marek Panek added.

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