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Asseco Central Europe ranked as one of IT business leaders again

Bratislava, 02 July 2020: Asseco Central Europe ranked first in three categories of this year´s Information Technology Trend TOP rankings drawn up annually by the Trend weekly magazine in Slovakia. The company has upheld its position as a leader in the following categories: IT Service Providers in Slovakia, Biggest IT Suppliers for Private Financial Sector, and Providers of IT Products and Services in the Slovak Republic by Added Value.

The Trend weekly magazine states in its article that Asseco Central Europe is traditionally one of the two leading IT companies. This year, the company has recorded a growth by almost one tenth and has been successful also in the area of export.

These results are attributable to the expansion of both domestic and international business in the areas of banking, ERP, insurance, healthcare, and utility. The Group´s financial results have been positively affected also by the acquisition of TurboConsult, a Czech company focusing on software solutions for the financial sector, particularly in the area of banking.

In many other categories, we have either maintained or even improved our rankings and placed second. We ranked second as the Supplier of IT Products and Services in the Slovak Republic as per Revenues, the Biggest IT Supplier for the Public Sector, IT Supplier for Industrial Manufacturing, Original Software Developer in Slovakia, and the Biggest IT Service Provider for the Sector of Services. Moreover, we placed second in the new category “the Biggest IT Suppliers for the Business Sector”. Last but not least, we ranked second among Software Houses in Slovakia.