Where does Asseco Group operate?

Asseco Group is an international federation of information technology companies operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. The leader of the Group is Asseco Poland that commenced its business in Poland over 20 years ago. Asseco Group companies operate not only in their local markets, but often serve foreign customers from different continents. 

All of our subsidiaries are divided into three geographical segments: Polish market, Israeli market, Foreign markets.

Who is the owner of Asseco Poland?

Asseco Poland is a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Hence, the company is owned by its shareholders, including Polish and international investment funds, open-end pension funds, individual investors, as well as other entities. One of the company’s major shareholders is Adam Góral, the founder and President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland. The current shareholder structure of the company can be always checked in the Shareholders section. 

How many companies are incorporated into Asseco Group?

Asseco Group is comprised of slightly more than two hundred IT companies. Some of these undertakings are really small-sized and still in their start-up phase, while others are vastly experienced leaders in their countries as well as major global players. The number of the Group’s companies may seem large; however, it is worth noting that the IT industry is pretty specific and requires continuous seeking for innovation and new markets. It is often achieved through small-sized, dedicated operations. 

Which companies of Asseco Group are listed on the stock market?

Some of Asseco Group companies are listed on stock exchanges, not only in Warsaw, but also in Tel Aviv and New York. Asseco Poland, Asseco Business Solutions and Asseco South Eastern Europe are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland. 

Whereas, Formula Systems and Matrix IT are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Shares of two other Israeli members of the Group, namely Sapiens and Magic Software, can be traded on the NASDAQ Global Markets in New York.

How can you successfully manage such an extensive group of companies?

The key element in managing such a large number of companies are high quality managers. Asseco operates as a federation of companies, allowing a great deal of independence for individual company managers in making their own optimum business decisions. 

The Group also has a Board of Directors, which is an informal managerial body composed of the most experienced managers from different countries. Meetings of the Board of Directors are held on a regular basis in order to set general directions for the Group’s development as well as to look for new ideas and synergies. Potential synergy effects are also analyzed by our team at the Capital Group Development Department, who continue to coordinate the demand for our IT products and services in all the countries where the Group companies operate.